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Fire doors are a crucial component to protecting a building and anyone inside from a dangerous fire. They are built and installed to stop or slow the spread of a fire, aiming to contain smoke and fumes to one area of a property. This allows time for occupants to evacuate safely.

For them to work effectively it is essential that are kept shut when a fire breaks out. This is where fire door control systems come in as they ensure that the correct doors or closed automatically. These systems will help a building to comply with all relevant fire safety legislation, such as Approved Document B and the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order.

In order for the control systems to function as intended, the fire doors themselves and each individual component used within the system must be working. The handles, hinges, locks, latches and glazing must all be of the correct material and fitted properly by professional engineers. If any one of these components are faulty, then the whole system will become substandard and put lives at risk. 

Therefore it is important that regular inspections are undertaken so that your fire door control systems are working successfully and will function as intended to combat a fire. Here at Surefire Passive we offer a comprehensive survey and reporting procedure for existing buildings and our inspectors will carry out a thorough examination of your systems.

If your fire door control systems are not working, or your current system has not had an inspection within the last six months, please contact us now