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When a fire breaks out in a building it is important to prevent the spread of it as much as possible. By limiting the speed of it spreading and containing the fire to a single area, companies can minimise the damage caused and make it easier to deal with themselves or for by fire services. 

The use of passive fire protection products and devices can help make this happen. For example, fire bags and pillows can be placed within the walls and ceilings of a building to prevent the passage of a fire and protect valuable cables. But how do they work?

Fire Bags

Fire bags are made from of different sized coated glass cloth bags, comprised with a mixture of durable intumescent and inert fillers. They act as a seal fitted around complex penetrations in walls and help to protect highly sensitive cable trays and electric cables. The bags can provide up to 2 hours of fire resistant protection, allowing time to contain the fire. 

Fire Pillows

Fire pillows are designed to protect metal services and cables for up to 4 hours from fire moving through compartment floors and walls. This gives companies and fire services a good amount of time to extinguish the fire before any cables get damaged. The intumescent material used within the pillows expands and hardens to form a protective layer, safeguarding cables effectively.

The use of fire bags and pillows to protect important cables within walls and ceilings is extremely important and should clearly be used in a fire safety plan to protect a building. 

Here at Surefire Passive our engineers will be able to select and install the correct fire bags and pillows for your requirements. If you would like to find out more about how we can help protect your business, please contact us now