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Just like active fire systems, passive fire protection systems also require regular maintenance to ensure that all of their components are capable of working effectively. It is a necessary requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order Articles 17 and 38, that maintenance of all fire protection provisions be adequately maintained and monitored on a regular basis.

This includes fire door maintenance, which according to BS 9999: 2017 and BS 8214 should be inspected every six months. Fire doors help to protect the occupants of a commercial building by containing a fire to one area. This allows for a safe evacuation to take place.

The responsible person should make sure that their passive fire protection equipment, such as fire doors, get looked at regularly by qualified engineers. The engineers will check that:

  • All hinges and screws are correctly installed and secure
  • All fire doors have intumescent strips
  • Each fire door has the correct gap. For example a timber fire door should have a gap of between two and four millimetres. 
  • There is signage to show that it is a fire door
  • Fire resisting glazing has been used

Here at Surefire Passive our qualified engineers will carry out regular fire door maintenance throughout your whole building. We will look closely at each component and ensure that your fire doors are fully compliant with fire safety regulations.

If your fire doors are looking damaged, run down, or have not been maintained within the last six months, you should contact us now.