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Fire Resisting Glazing

Passive fire protection is based on installing products and materials into the existing structure of a building to prevent the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire. One such way of doing this is through the installation of fire resisting glazing. 

Fire resisting glazing is specially designed and manufactured glass which has been proven to prevent the spread of a fire for a given amount of time, allowing it to be contained while occupants of a building can be evacuated safely. The use of fire resisting glazing within a passive fire protection plan is therefore essential.

Furthermore, not only can fire resisting glazing prevent the spread of fire and smoke, but it can also restrict radiant and conductive heat transfer. This means that objects on the other side of the glass will not overheat and spontaneously combust. The safety provided by this material cannot be underestimated and should be handled by fire safety experts.  

Here at Surefire Passive our team of highly skilled engineers will be able to select the right type of fire resisting glazing for your requirements. Once the correct approach has been finalised, we will then install the glazing and maintain it to ensure that it will always be effective in preventing the spread of a fire. 

If you would like to find out more about how fire resisting glazing can help contain a fire, or want to have it installed within your building, our team would be more than happy to help. Contact us now to help protect your building and its occupants.  

Our Services Include

  • Fire Stopping Fire Line Compartmentation
  • Fire Protection Installation / Application Design & Specification
  • Fire Stopping Surveys & Maintenance
  • Fire Door Surveys, Install, Refurb, Replacement
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Strategy Design
  • Passive Fire Stopping Seminars & Presentations ‘The Hidden Danger’
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Why Customers Trust Us

  • We had absolutely no idea what fire doors we had fitted in our building, Surefire Passive completed a full asset and identify areas for improvement.

    - Government Institution -
  • Cables and pipes had compromised our passive fire compartmentation over time, the Surefire Passive team provided a quick turnaround to survey and protect these areas.

    - Data Centre -
  • We had never looked above our ceiling tiles in the office or considered how a fire could spread so quickly, Surefire Passive have really helped to open our eyes to the hidden dangers.

    - Commercial Building Owner -

Technical guidance and drawings service to assist at planning stage.


Specification advice to identify the correct product for the risk.


Protecting our historic properties from fire.


Helping residential, commercial and industrial building owners to mitigate their fire risks.


Fully qualified Fire Engineers to help with the your fire strategy requirement and ongoing fire risk assessment needs thoughtout the life cycle of your building.


Surefire Passive will only ever use a single manufacturer system to create the perfect penetration and linear seal in your building. Ensuring your legal obligations / compliance with certified tested systems.