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Regulation 38 is a legal requirement under the building regulations 2010 act aimed to improve fire safety standards within buildings in England and Wales. It describes requirements as to what information should be provided to the “responsible person” for a building and when the information should be given to them. 

The regulation applies for building work consisting of an erection or extension of a relevant building or being carried out in relation to a relevant change of use of a building. 

It states that: “The person carrying out the work shall give fire safety information to the responsible person not later than the date of completion of the work, or the date of occupation of the building or extension, whichever is the earlier.”

By following regulation 38 properly, the person responsible will have a full understanding of critical information relating to the fire safety of a building so that it can operate effectively and be managed accordingly. As part of the information provided under the term “fire safety information”, the responsible person should expect to receive the following:

  • information relating to the design and construction of the building or extension
  • knowledge of the services, fittings and equipment provided

Here at Surefire Passive we have over 25 years of experience in the fire safety industry and can help with help companies follow the correct guidelines, such as regulation 38. Helping the “responsible person” comes naturally to us and we would make sure they had received all the information they require to help formulate a fire safety plan.

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