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Why Are Fire Doors So Important?

Fire doors are an integral part of the buildings Passive Fire Stopping measures, helping to maintain the fire compartment lines within a building, reducing the spread of flame and smoke throughout a building, whilst allowing for safe means of escape.

However, it is not just the door by itself that enables it to become part of the fire separating element to a building, there are many component parts to a door and its surrounding frame that govern if a fire door is sound, of the correct material, construction and therefore fit for its intended purpose.

Taking any one of these component parts away from the system or change of use within the area can render the door substandard, or no longer be the correct fire protection rating (minutes) for the risk level it is intended to protect against.

Regular fire door surveys and servicing is required to ensure that you are compliant with regulations. In the UK those requirements are set out in Document B Building Regulations. Surefire Passive offer a comprehensive survey and reporting procedure for existing buildings and also provide planning and design packages for new projects to make sure you meet your legal obligations.

Document B Building regulations are currently under review to ensure they are robust enough and followed carefully as regulation.


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Ensure that your fire doors meet current regulations with a detailed fire door survey.

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Get Your Fire Doors Inspected

Remember to get your fire doors inspected on a 6 monthly basis in accordance with BS 999.

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