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Maintenance - Future Proof Your Building

Maintenance of Passive Fire Protection measures must form part of the overall management of a building to ensure its fire protection measures are not at odds with the overall risk assessment and engineered design of the premises and its purpose. As such it is a requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, that maintenance of all fire protection provisions be adequately maintained and monitored on a regular basis. For services within your premises involved with the overall performance of that buildings fire safety measures, this amounts to one health check per annum for each service measure.

The fire protection measures within a building are mostly concerned with life safety, but additional aspects of the building may need to be considered such as normal business stoppage, environmental, business systems and contents, data loss, age of building, purpose of the building and its services.

The Responsible Person needs to be aware of these considerations, which should be contained within the Operations and Maintenance manual for the building. Such information within the O&M document for the building should cover products used, when installed, changes, repairs etc, providing a day to day running document health check for your buildings fire protection measures.

However, in order that adequate maintenance be provided for your building, a clear understanding of the fire strategy is needed. This information will be held within the fire strategy drawings and supporting documents provided at hand over. If no such fire strategy exists, then a full survey and report to determine the correct strategy / compartment lines will need to be completed in order that a maintenance plan and specification can be compiled, and all compartment lines be investigated to produce a comprehensive survey of the buildings passive fire protection measures.


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Passive Fire Protection

Far too often building owners / occupiers do not know what Passive Fire Protection Measures are within their buildings, as a great number of passive fire materials are usually hidden from view.

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